What We Do


In a service-driven environment, employees are the most important part of your business to deliver on your brand promise. Employee engagement, or the lack thereof, is an organisational aspect with significant business consequences. Understanding the elements of successful employee engagement and measuring it on a regular basis will empower your company to better retain talented employees and create mutually profitable relationships with both customers and employees, resulting in sustainable, long-term value for your organisation. But how should it be measured and addressed? And what do you need to measure to be sure that you are in fact measuring engagement?

Echelon Purple, a recognised and trusted entity in the research and business consulting industry, is a specialist market research company that focuses on understanding organisations’ stakeholders (the customers, employees and corporate reputation) with a special interest in understanding the relationship between employee and employer. The company offers services ranging from identifying problem areas within an organisation and gathering and analysing the relevant data, to designing and presenting a fully developed solution to the client. We provide a range of products and solutions in the area of stakeholder relations across all industries.

Our offer reflects contemporary thinking in the field of employee engagement and incorporates over a decade of business practice and research in Occupational Health Psychology, Affective Science and Generational Theory. All of it reflects on how we address and measure employee engagement, bringing new elements and insights into survey results and related strategic priorities. We assist our clients to establish and understand the state of engagement in their organisations and our actionable readings in this regard enable the identification of strategic priority levers in order to optimise business-enhancing behaviours that have a significant positive impact on the organisation’s profitability and growth.

The Echelon Purple team has a deep understanding of the relationship between employee and employer and spans a collective experience of over 40 years of understanding stakeholder relationships, implementing employee engagement methodology, organisational culture assessments and the management of stakeholder relationships. Our team of experts handles every aspect of our clients’ requirements, from design and implementation right through to consultation in respect of the solutions and products we offer. We have a proven track record of delivering on large-scale employee engagement assignments that empower our clients to climb the echelons that will lead them to business success.

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