Research articles about Employee Engagement

Title Author Main crux of article Article
The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance Harvard Business Review Companies gain competitive advantage by establishing metrics and practices to effectively quantify and improve the impact of their engagement initiatives on overall business performance. View
Employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction & financial performance: an empirical examination International Journal of Hospitality Management (2009) There is a direct relationship between customer satisfaction and financial performance, and between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. The relationship between employee satisfaction and financial performance may not be easily identifiable due to the fact that it is mediated by customer satisfaction.  View
The Economics of Engagement Allan Schweyer, Human Capital Institute This paper describes and classifies the best measures that quantify the impact of engagement in financially tangible terms, along with Return on Investment (ROI) methodologies.  View
The Effects of Employee Satisfaction on Company Financial Performance Marketing Innovators Case studies demonstrate the correlation between employee satisfaction and financial performance.  View
What is the business case for employee engagement Torben Rick: Meliorate Employee engagement positively affects nine key performance outcomes.  View
Employee Satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement: Are They the Same Thing? An ADP White Paper Although related, employee satisfaction and employee engagement are different measures.  Satisfied employees are not necessarily productive employees. Organisations that focus solely on measuring satisfaction  may be missing critical opportunities to foster the kind of workforce engagement that drives innovation, boosts performance, and increases competitive success.  View
HumanSigma: A Meta-Analysis Gallup Research findings indicate that management that has focused on engaging employees and customers will maximise its financial return in terms of the human aspects it can directly influence.  View
Costs of Employee Disengagement and Withdrawal Corporate Research Associates A summary of research on a variety of withdrawal behaviours that have used data from organisational research to estimate the annual cost of those behaviours to the organisation.  View
Developing An Employee Engagement Strategy SHRM Foundation An engagement survey alone will not increase employee engagement. To attain the best results, employers should create an overall engagement strategy that goes beyond simply measuring engagement scores.  View