Why does employee engagement matter?

Measure + Manage = Success

The answer to the significance of employee engagement lies within the service-profit chain. The business imperative is quite clear when considering that it is your employees that deliver on your brand promise. The extent to which they deliver on your brand promise is dependent on how engaged they are. In turn, your employees’ engagement levels will be one of the biggest influences on your customers’ experience and loyalty. Consequently, your organisation’s profitability and growth will be a reflection of the combined experience of both your employees and customers.

Truly engaged employees are characterised by strong and properly balanced activation (exertion of extra discretionary effort) and attraction (emotional connection to the organisation). They see purpose in what they do at work, bring much of themselves to work and feel that they matter to their organisation. They take personal pride in what they do and how they do it. Typically, engaged employees are optimistic, receptive and enthusiastic about what they do and the organisation for which they are doing it.

Disengaged employees have a generally weak relationship with their work and employer, on both engagement components. They have lost connection with their organisation and the purposeness of what they do there. They are characterised by low levels of activation: they come to work because they must, with little intention of contributing constructively whilst there, and bring little of themselves to their jobs. Emotionally, they have either signed out from their organisation, are tired and despondent, or will operate in a passive, indifferent zone. They feel no attraction to what they do or the organisation for which they are doing it.

Your organisation may be leading the pack with a cutting-edge business model and unmatched products and intelligence. But it is all for nothing if your employees are not sufficiently engaged to execute the actions and exhibit the behaviours that will make those bold statements around your strategy, vision, mission and values come to life, ultimately leading to your business success.


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