Employees matter. But what matters most to employees?

Key drivers of employee engagement not all pay and perks.

The belief that employee experience and motivation rest on salary and benefits is a myopic view with serious business consequences. Of more consequence is understanding what matters most to employees and identifying those elements that have the highest impact in determining employees’ engagement levels.

Echelon Purple’s research shows that if you want your employees to stay with your organisation for the right reasons, they need to be engaged: activated (high levels of energy and effort and positive emotion) and attracted (sense of connection to the organisation). Research has also shown that employee engagement can be affected by a number of factors and employees’ experience or perception of these factors will determine their level and typology of engagement.

Most common and impactful levers of engagement:

  • perceived fairness at work
  • trust in employees
  • creating a caring and understanding environment
  • creating a sense of achievement in what employees do

What employees expect of their employers:

  • Help with connecting what they do to purposeness – teach them why they matter and why the work that they do matters.
  • Be consistent and transparent in what you, the employer, do.
  • Show them that you really care about them – understand them, their circumstances and their challenges.
  • Acknowledge them and the things they do – create feelings of accomplishment beyond their job description.
  • Trust them to get on with the job that you hired them to do.

Every step that turns stiff industrial subordination into more of a mentoring and coaching practice is a step towards enhanced employee engagement and increased organisational effectiveness.


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