Employee Value Proposition

Do you expect your employees to deliver on your company’s brand promise? Then make good on your brand promise to them.

In order for your employees to deliver on your brand promise, you need to take a critical look at how you are delivering on your brand promise as an employer. EVP – an acronym proudly spoken of in many organisations – infuses a tremendous amount of expectation in employees and places onus on your organisation, and you as employer, to deliver accordingly.

Essentially, an EVP is far more than a proposition: it is a promise. Organisations that fail to deliver on their EVP will face the consequences, as the effects of ‘lost promise’ begin to materialise in declining engagement levels and increasing business-inhibiting behaviours.

It is at grass-roots level where your employees’ day-to-day experience of their workplace will fundamentally influence their perceptions of your organisation (as an employer) and determine the extent to which they will deliver on your brand promise. A mindset change is required among business leaders today, where equal weighting is given to both employees and customers in the equation that leads to business success. It is people who deliver the service value that leads to satisfied and eventually, loyal customers, and ultimately your organisation’s business success.


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