Age not just a number in employee engagement (Part 3)

How to engage the Baby Boomers:
Value their loyal activation and reignite their attraction

Different generations of employees have different value sets, criteria for motivations and expectations of their employer and job. All this influences how they experience their workplace and how they choose to position themselves within it.

Baby Boomers (50 years and above)

Traditionally Baby Boomers are the loyalty-driven generation whose levels of attraction and activation towards their job and employer should always be somewhat unbalanced tipped in favour of attraction. But, because of the contemporary work environment in which they function today, attraction to their work is starting to lose its spark. Very few of them will allow their work to be compromised, they are still inherently activated, but one cannot resist illustrating them as somewhat grumpy contributors. Providing more purpose to their role within an organisation can easily turn them into highly engaged employees again. Their experience is incomparable, their values are strong and most often organisation driven. What they need is a little adjustment to their role. It can often turn them into excellent and dedicated mentors and consultants.


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