1 in 3 SA employees are disengaged

Serious risk to your organisation’s success:
1 in 3 SA employees are disengaged

What does it mean to be disengaged? Disengaged employees have lost connection to both your organisation and the purposeness of what they do there. Either they come to work because they must (not because they want to), or if they want to, it is with little intention of contributing constructively while being there. Whichever the case, all disengaged employees are characterised by low levels of activation at work. In other words, they bring little of themselves to their jobs, doing just enough to get by and not get into trouble. Emotionally, they have either signed out from their organisation, are tired, despondent or will operate in a passive, indifferent zone. They feel no attraction to what they do or the organisation for whom they are doing it.

Your disengaged 1 in 3 employees are potentially costing you your business success.


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